Wing-powered cargo-ship concept aims to reduce emissions by 90% – Business Insider

  • A group of Swedish researchers and boat builders designed Oceanbird, a new type of cargo ship that’s powered by giant wings instead of a traditional engine. 
  • The ship will cut down on emissions by up to 90% compared to other cargo ships, according to Wallenius Marine, the manufacturer behind the concept. 
  • The huge fins will be able to swivel to catch the wind, and can retract to go under bridges. 
  • Oceanbird was conceived as a car carrier that can fit 7,000 vehicles, but Wallenius Marine said the technology can be adapted to other types of vessels, like cruise ships.  
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Cargo ships carry around 90% of global trade — roughly 11 billion tons of goods each year — and contribute mightily to global greenhouse-gas emissions. But one Swedish company is looking to make shipping a bit more sustainable with a new breed of emission-free vessels. 

Shipbuilder Wallenius Marine teamed up with Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology, maritime consultancy SSPA, and the Swedish Transportation Administration to design a new type of cargo ship that’s far more ecologically friendly than the diesel-powered vessels on the seas today. The result of that partnership is Oceanbird, a cargo-ship concept that’s pulled along by gigantic wing-like sails. 

Wallenius claims Oceanbird will be able to carry 7,000 cars and be 90% more efficient than other ocean-going vessels. The trade-off, however, is that Oceanbird will take around 12 days to cross the Atlantic, whereas traditional ships currently make the journey in about eight. 

Learn a bit more about the green cargo ship below. 

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