Meet The Fresh-Faced Cast Of Netflixs Grim Teen Drama Grand Army


How did you begin acting?

I started really young, acting in church plays. Every year for Christmas, the church youth would make a play, and I would perform in it. In middle school, I was really interested in taking acting classes, but I couldn’t afford to, so I waited until high school and joined a film and theater program that got defunded a few weeks after I joined.

After that, I joined another nonprofit theater program in my school called Opening Act. I was performing off-broadway, creating plays at the end of every semester, and that’s how I met Katie [Cappiello], through one of the Opening Act students. Since then, I’ve been acting, doing theater, and touring plays around America for almost eight years. Now, I’m here.

What was your first-ever audition like?

My first big audition was for a film, and I was already having a bad day, and I had never auditioned in person prior to that, so I went. I hadn’t even memorized, something had happened before, and I was already running late, and I was upset and crying. Once I got there, I didn’t even really want to audition. They saw that I wasn’t with it. My first self-tape that I did was for 13 Reasons Why, and I didn’t see myself on that show.

What have you been streaming lately?

I May Destroy You, P-Valley, Lovecraft Country, and Sex Education.

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